A downloadable tool

a simple tool for making Dungeon Graphs based on Game Maker's Toolkit :  Boss Keys idea


ESC - Exit
F1- View Help bar
WASD - Move screen around
R - restard view
P - new project
F5 - save project
F8 - load project
LMB - Create
RMB - Select
Delete - Delete selected
Arrows - Move selected 
C - Pick Color
T - Set Marker
Y - Add Description use # for new line

lines [the dot] - need to be drag across to be created
you can edit color , marker and text by selecting and then pressing one of key above 

special thanks :
Game Maker's Toolkit - BossKeys

software icon :
Game Maker's Toolkit - BossKeys

made In:
Game maker 8.1


dungeon_graph.rar 1 MB

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