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Broken is a Adventure Base JRPG side-scroller, placed in a Fantasy World created by two Gods, Tof and Chesa that vanquish the Nothingness and Silence with ruled before them, where Humans, Animals and other Creatures Evolwe Intelligence in the same time. Game Focus on Sznsi Princess of Lycans and one of the last survivors from her tribe.

It all started that Faithful night, when Humans raid our kingdom, taking from me everything I had and destroying the rest. Thy killed my father and take over the castle. My brother pushed me to secret exit, but not before covering me with his body from the human spear, the passage quickly closed behind leaving me lock on the other side of the stone wall all I could hear was his struggle for life and then the terrifying silence I could not do anything I was hopeless, I could not go on, not knowing if he still alive or not, in that moment I black out, I don't know for how long but when I wake up I was carried on the back by Bezor son of the one of Soldiers that stationary at the castle. The night that day seamed bright as a day, I should of not look back but I could not help it and took the last glimpse back on the castle as it was in flames tumbling down, I wanted to scream but no sound come out of my mouth, all I could think of back then was revenge for all the suffering humans caused, it was only thing keeping me alive, in that moment I cling tight on Besor, as I buried my face in his back, he stays quiet as he keeps on walking carrying me away from the castle I slowly fall asleep on his back, little did I knew this was jest a beginning.

Game is mainly aimed for android System, tho PC version is working along it.

Game is developed by one person so progress on it might be little slow.

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